Supporting children in care

Children and young people's safety is at the heart of everything we do

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We understand the basic need for every human to be nurtured and to grow with support in a family unit. Unfortunately there are times when children cannot remain with their biological family. Our foster and kinship care and out-of-home care services support children who can no longer live with their parents.

Our foster and kinship care services find suitable and comfortable homes for children in care and recruit, assess, train and support foster and kinship carers throughout this process. This includes ongoing training to carers, as well as carer learning plans, access to respite and on-call after-hours support.

Being a foster carer can be just as challenging as being a child or young person in foster care. Equipped with practical support such as access to support workers and counselling when needed, we ensure bumps in the road are addressed and contribute to open communication between foster carers and their children. Our placement support has a key focus on finding right foster carers to meet the needs of children and young people, and providing carers and children with the help they need along the way.

In addition to our foster and kinship care services, UnitingCare Community also has residential care options for children. Residential care allows children and young people live in homes where their care is looked after by a team of youth workers.

This non-family based out-of-home care provides an environment where they can live safely while working toward reunification with their family or moving to the right foster care home.

Our residential care services offer children wide levels of support if they need it, the opportunity to build resilience, develop a positive sense of identity, social skills and the ability to be active in the community. At all times, UnitingCare Community emphasises its residential care as a place where children can change, grow and establish hopeful futures which maintain links to the child’s family and kin.

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