Recognise logoConstitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

As a part of the UnitingCare Queensland group, UnitingCare Community also believes we should recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in our Constitution. Together with other UnitingCare service groups we have made commitments to reconciliation through our Reconciliation Action Plan and believe that supporting the Recognise Campaign is an important step in reconciling our past. It’s the right thing to do.

What is the Recognise Campaign?

  • The campaign is an initiative of Reconciliation Australia and has been funded by the Australian Government and private sources to raise awareness and build community support for Constitutional recognition. UnitingJustice Australia represents the Uniting Church on the Recognise Campaign’s NGO Steering Committee.
  • The campaign is focused on increasing awareness about the need for constitutional recognition and is encouraging people to vote “yes” in the Referendum. To date over 220,000 people have signed the recognition pledge.
  • One way the campaign is increasing awareness is through the ‘Journey to Recognition’ which started in 2013 and involves small groups of campaigners in cars, bikes, buses and even kayaks taking the Recognise message around the country.
  • The ‘Journey to Recognition’ brings people together for BBQs and morning teas at town halls, community centres and schools and is making its way from north and western Queensland down to the south east until December 2014.

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