Prison Ministry Service

UnitingCare Queensland's Prison Ministry service is a Ministry of the Uniting Church Queensland Synod. Through our service chaplains are placed in 13 Corrective Centres around Queensland from Palen Creek in the South to Lotus Glen in the Far North. We also have a service called the First Peoples Chaplaincy Service, which provides particular pastoral care to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander prisoners.

Chaplains are present in the centres to serve the spiritual needs of all prisoners regardless of denomination. Chaplains also arrange and deliver religious services, including services of worship and Bible studies.

The chaplain’s pastoral presence embodies love, care and a non-judgmental attitude. Our chaplains offer hope but not cheap grace. They embody the Spirit of Christ in all their interactions with inmates, staff and other community members.

Across the world, Corrective Services chaplains carry out a ministry of compassion and hope, and are often at the forefront of movements towards justice for both victims and offenders.

Volunteer with usA volunteer chaplain will need to have the appropriate qualities, training and/or experience, and be willing to undergo the Security Clearance and Security Training arranged by the Queensland Corrective Services. Contact the UnitingCare Queensland Volunteer Management team to talk about your options to join us.

 If you wish to talk to someone about Corrective Services Chaplaincy please contact  Mr Steven Fincham on or ring Prison Ministry on  07 3867 2550.

Resource workers

Queensland Corrective Services seeks to provide educational programs to aid in the rehabilitation of offenders. Our Prison Ministry service has the privilege of offering a range of volunteer programs in a number of Centres, including art and music for young men, a music group for women, and a music group for babies, toddlers and mothers. If you have skills in any of these areas we would love to hear from you. 

Family and post-release support

lifeline shops donate buttonThe experience of having a partner, mother or father imprisoned is a traumatic event in the life of a family and can lead to significant economic and emotional stress. Our Prison Ministry service can assist with emergency relief, an empathetic listening ear and referral to counselling and other services delivered by UnitingCare Queensland. Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s Days are sometimes lonely and sad times for both inmates and families. Prison Ministry provides appropriate gifts to children, mothers and fathers at these times. You can assist in this expression of love and care by donating gifts and toiletries for distribution. We can advise you on what is appropriate for distribution within Corrective centres.

A critical time for inmates is upon their release back into the community. Prison Ministry seeks to provide post release support for former inmates and their families through the provision of emergency relief, a listening ear, and through referral to other services provided by UnitingCare Queensland. This post-release service is provided through donations.

To make a donation to Prison Ministry, click on the donate button to the right to help us to continue this service.

UCQ Prison Ministry Service

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