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The clients that we help each and every day could be just like you. Read through our shared stories to see how our programs and services can help you to overcome life's struggles when they present themselves.

Young woman smilingCarla's story

Carla was no stranger to adversity. She was living with her partner and three children, but it was far from a picture-perfect home. Her partner John was violent towards her and both of them were using illegal drugs, including methamphetamines and heroin. She was struggling with life and her mental health was unstable.

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Scholey's story

Scholey, who is 18, and has been in foster care for most of his life, has been diagnosed with an intellectual disability which impacts on his cognition, independence, and social interactions. He requires significant support to assist him to live independently.

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Narelle's story

60 year old nurse Narelle first contacted the UnitingCare Community's counselling service after she started to think suicidal thoughts.

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