Our service promise

What you can expect from UnitingCare Community

You, our clients can expect us to….

  • stand side by side with you when you need us
  • listen and respond to your needs
  • work with you in a culturally inclusive and respectful way
  • respect and maintain your privacy and confidentiality at all times where possible
  • be proactive in informing you of the process for raising complaints and record, respond and investigate all complaints
  • deliver evidence-based high quality services
  • make services available to you in ways which are non-discriminatory
  • create opportunities for you, and your support network, to participate in decision making regarding the services you receive.

Communities can expect us to…

  • work in partnership to deliver responsive services
  • respect diversity and take an assets-based approach when planning service responses
  • provide flexible and innovative solutions
  • mobilise quickly to direct effort to where it’s needed
  • reliably respond to needs, and be on the ground, working together to recover from natural disasters and other events.

Our partners can expect us to…

  • establish partnerships based on respect that are mutually beneficial
  • continue our long history of partnering to deliver services across Queensland
  • work together  to ensure Queenslander’s needs are met
  • demonstrate outcomes.

Our environment can expect us to…

  • act responsibly through innovative and meaningful stewardship of energy and resources, as we respect the environment, protecting it for the communities in which we work and future generations.
  • seek to embed sustainable practices, to balance growth and social conscience, and to meet our goals without compromising our values, our people or the planet.

You can help us by …

  • reaching out to our services when you need support and working in partnership with us to respond to your needs
  • providing us with relevant information to allow us to support you effectively
  • telling us what you think about our services. We welcome service improvement suggestions or comments on things we are doing well. You can do this by using a ‘client experience tracker’ which are rotated through our services.
  • letting us know ways we can improve by following our complaints process to enable us to deal with your concerns about the service or access to it fairly, promptly, and without retribution. Whenever required, your choice of advocate will be involved.

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