Our commitment to client safety

Client safety in action

We are committed to ensuring the safety of our clients, and particularly the safety of those most vulnerable including children and people with a disability.

We are committed to being a client safe, client friendly organisation and will, for all clients who come into contact with our services:

  • provide welcoming, safe and nurturing services
  • prevent client abuse and neglect within its services
  • appropriately and immediately address client abuse and neglect if it does occur.

UnitingCare Community will always act to protect the vulnerable clients in our care, or in contact with our services. Our staff have permission to be open, to discuss risks, report concerns, and take action.

We have a range of mechanisms in place to ensure the safety of the people we support and these mechanisms are embedded in service delivery for existing staff and induction processes for new staff. These include:

  • Establishment of a Client Safe Review Team to proactively monitor client safety and identify immediate improvements required to assure UnitingCare Community of our expected standards of quality care.
  • Implementing the Child Safe, Child Friendly Risk Management Framework.
  • Establishment of a Client Safe Oversight Committee to oversee and drive client safety within UnitingCare Community.
  • Monitoring client safe incidents.
  • Contributing to a Royal Commission Working Group into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
  • Undertaking external reviews of specific client safe incidents, when necessary.
  • Looking for ways that wider protections can be strengthened for vulnerable clients.
  • Undertaking individual advocacy for client safety.
  • Implementing a Quality Framework.
  • Undertaking capability and managing development for our staff.

Contact us


If you are concerned about anything you see, hear or feel in relation to keeping children safe in UnitingCare Community, please talk to us. You can contact the UnitingCare Queensland Child Safe Contact Officer on 1800 297 745 or via email - childsafe@ucareqld.com.au. The Child Safe Contact Officer will respond promptly.

To discuss client safety more broadly with UnitingCare Community, please contact our Client Safe Review Team on 1800 297 745 or email CSRT@uccommunity.org.au

Submit your client safety concern to the Client Safe Review Team


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