Counselling available following Dreamworld accident

27 October 2016

Counselling availble following Dreamworld accident

Clients, family members and staff are encouraged to call UnitingCare Queensland’s Lifeline Community Recovery Program if they would like support following the tragic accident at Dreamworld on Tuesday 25 October. The specialist team is available 24/7 on 1800 543 354.

State Program Manager Lifeline Community Recovery Program, Mr Jason Reid, encouraged people to access the service if they were feeling the effects of the accident in any way.

“The important message for all of us is that if you are feeling impacted in any way by the tragedy that occurred at Dreamworld, to please talk to someone about how you are feeling,” Mr Reid said. “It is equally important, that if you find yourself having a conversation that you were never trained to have, to please seek advice from the Community Recovery team and to refer people who require support to this service.”

Mr Reid encouraged people to remember:

  • It is important to talk to someone about how you are feeling
  • If you are talking/listening to someone about how they are feeling, do you know what to listen or look for?
  • To be prepared to refer people to this specialist service if they require additional support.

The Lifeline Community Recovery Program has been supporting Queensland communities since the Black Hawk helicopter disaster in Townsville in 1996 and continues to respond through its trained staff and network of services across the State. Queensland Health will be promoting this service as a dedicated crisis line. 

For more information call: 1800 543 354


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