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Introducing the NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a new innovative approach to disability support that has been specifically designed to give you more control of your outcomes. At the heart of the scheme is the move to establish you as the key decision maker regarding your care. This change will allow you to tailor the support you receive to meet your own needs and goals. Under the NDIS, you will be able to control your own funds, and you can select your own provider for any service you need.

The NDIS was officially launched in Queensland on July 1, 2016. It is now available in Townsville Region (including Hinchinbrook, Burdekin, west to Mount Isa and up to the Gulf), the Mackay Region (including Isaac and Whitsundays), Toowoomba region (from Toowoomba west to the borders) and Ipswich region (including Lockyer and Brisbane Valley). It will be slowly rolled out across the remainder of the state in stages, right through until 2019.

Open this file to see the timeline of the NDIS roll out in Queensland. PDF iconucq_ndis_rollout_queensland_timeline_june_2017.pdf

Please note that the Commonwealth and Queensland Governments announced on May 26 the commencement of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will be brought forward in Ipswich, Bundaberg and Rockhampton regions. The new dates are now: May 29 for the Ipswich region, Sept 1 for the Bundaberg region and November 1 for the Rockhampton region.

What we can do for you

At UnitingCare Community, we think the NDIS represents a positive change. We understand that being in control of your own supports will help you to live your dreams, and that for people living with disability, having more choice and more control can be enormously empowering and personally rewarding.

UnitingCare Community has a long history of helping people with disability to live positive, enriched lives. We believe that the fundamentals of the NDIS are in keeping with our core values, and we see it as a unique opportunity for people with disabilities and their families to begin to realise their aspirations. We provide whole of life solutions. We can help you achieve your goals by assisting with family support, early intervention solutions and supported living, and we can help you to achieve the best things in life such as preparing for the future, being part of the community, going to school, finding a home, going on holidays and becoming independent.

UnitingCare Community is a registered provider for the NDIS.

Getting you started in the Townsville, Toowoomba and Ipswich Regions

The NDIS is now available in the following regions where UnitingCare community is operating: Townsville Region (including Hinchinbrook, Burdekin, west to Mount Isa and up to the Gulf), Mackay Region (including Isaac and Whitsundays), Toowoomba Region (from Toowoomba west to the borders) and Ipswich region (including Lockyer and Brisbane Valley).

Please see this video on how we have been supporting a family in Townsville with their transition to the NDIS.

With the introduction of the NDIS in the Townsville, Mackay, Toowoomba and Ipswich regions, we’re ready to work in partnership with you and your family to explore what the scheme means to you and what possibilities and opportunities it may provide. We can guide you through the whole process, right from preparing for your first meeting with the NDIA to implementing your NDIS plan. It’s our goal to ensure that all people with disabilities in the Townsville, Mackay, Toowoomba and Ipswich Regions will have the opportunity to create a better future under the NDIS.

The NDIS step by step

If you currently receive specialist disability services, there are typically eight steps to the process:

1. Check whether you can access the NDIS.
2. Have your first contact with the NDIA (by letter or phone).
3. Talk to us to help your prepare and pre-plan for the NDIS.
4. Meet with the NDIA to develop your NDIS plan.
5. Receive your NDIS plan.
6. Choose your service provider(s) and decide on your support coordination.
7. Put your plan in action.
8. Review your plan (yearly).

You’ll find more information in our Step by Step Guide PDF icona5_ndis_step_by_step_ucc_def.pdf

The NDIA is aware of a potential scam involving people claiming to be from NDIA attempting to collect personal details via telephone. The NDIA will never require you to provide personal information over the phone. If you are unsure about whether a person calling you is from the NDIA, you can ask for their name and number and call the Agency back. For more information:

Our NDIS Network Leaders

UnitingCare’s NDIS Network Leaders are a group of people with a disability who have been trained to be leaders in their community in providing information and support with the NDIS.

Please watch this video in which our Network Leaders Monique, Denver and Harry follow a training, give presentations and host a symposium. They explain how becoming an NDIS Network Leader has changed their lives: “Since I became a Network Leader for the NDIS I have become more mature, more busy within the community and with the NDIS.”


More information and resources

For more information on how the NDIS might impact you and how UnitingCare Community can assist, please contact us via

You can also check our Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.

Or download one of our resources:

- Brochure 'Frequently Asked Questions about the NDIS' PDF icona5_ndis_freq_questions_ucq_v2_13.6.17.pdf

- Easy English brochure 'UnitingCare Community, the NDIS and you' PDF icona5_ndis_easy_english_ucq_v2_13.6.17.pdf

- Step by Step Guide 'Getting the most out of the NDIS' PDF icona5_ndis_step_by_step_ucq_v2_13.6.17.pdf

- NDIS pre-planning booklet (printed version) PDF icona5_ndis_pre-planning_ucq_print_final_spreads_print_def.pdf

- NDIS pre-planning booklet (online version) PDF icona5_ndis_pre-planning_ucq_online_v4.pdf




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