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Why donate to Lifeline?

Donating your reusable pre-loved items gives someone else the opportunity to purchase something you no longer want or need while providing us the opportunity to raise funds for delivery of life saving services. When you donate to Lifeline and buy at Lifeline Shops you are helping to save lives.

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It's important to donate correctly

The rules for donating to Lifeline are easy. Follow our steps and you can continue to help us stock our shops with great quality items for others to buy.

Step 1 - deciding what to donate

Make sure what you intend to donate is of reasonable quality and can be resold in Lifeline Shops. We sell a HUGE variety of items in our Lifeline Shops - too many to list here.

Step 2 - making the donation

To donate small items, place them inside your nearest Lifeline Donation Bin or drop them into your local LIfeline Shop during opening hours. Find your nearest Shop here

When donating items you can help us by:

  • making sure the items are cleaned and laundered before you donate them
  • to really help - you can even bag the items up in lots (women's, men's or children's clothing)
  • if you are donating shoes make sure the pair are together and if they have laces - tie them together.

To donate large items to Lifeline, call your local area Lifeline warehouse to learn the closest drop-off point or to arrange a collection. Please see below for contact numbers.

Step 3 - do not leave items outside the Lifeline Shops or beside Lifeline donation bins

Please bear this in mind - if you leave donated items outside the Lifeline Shop or outside the Lifeline donation bins - 99% of the time these items could be stollen or damaged by the weather and then we have to throw them away. This practice costs us money which we are then not able to invest in services.

Donation enquiries / pick-up:

You can ring your nearest Lifeline Warehouse to arrange a furniture pick-up.

07 3632 1010

07 4151 8800

07 5431 4860

07 4050 4930

07 4122 2059

07 4970 1631

Gold Coast
07 5510 4500

07 3816 9633

07 4930 7322

Sunshine Coast
07 5409 1400

07 4944 2315

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