Gambling Help

Our Gambling Help service provides gambling counselling, support and information to individuals who are negatively affected by gambling. We offer free and confidential services in Far North Queensland and the Wide Bay and Burnett Region.

What is problem gambling?

Problem gambling is characterised as difficulties limiting money and/or time spent on gambling. Problem gambling may lead to adverse consequences for the gambler, significant others, families and for the wider community.

Tips for safe gambling

  • Leave key cards at home and take only the cash you are prepared to lose
  • Keep a diary of wins and losses
  • Talk to someone about your gambling
  • Challenge irrational thoughts about gambling
  • Do something different: take a walk, see a movie, or visit a friend
  • Seek support from a qualified Gambling Help counsellor

What is involved in our Gambling Help service?

  1. Call us to arrange an appointment.
  2. Your first appointment will be 60 to 90 minutes and can be either face to face or over the phone.
  3. We use evidence-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Interpersonal Psychotherapy to achieve your goals.
  4. Appointments can be weekly or fortnightly and run for 6-10 sessions, but there is no minimum or maximum number of sessions.
  5. When you are ready you can choose to space out appointments or cease them completely. You can restart at any time and all appointments are free.
  6. We will call you a month after you cease appointments to make sure your goals are on track.

We also offer

  • Assistance with self–exclusions. We can help you fill out and lodge the paperwork required for venues you wish to self-exclude from.
  • Referrals to other support services.
  • Responsible Service of Gambling (RSG) refresher training and Customer Liaison Officer training to gaming venues.
  • Professional Development programs to service providers.
  • Education around gambling to various community groups.
  • Gambling awareness program to schools.

How to get in touch
Monday - Friday - 8:30am to 4:30pm

  • Cairns: (07) 4050 4988
  • Wide Bay & Burnett Region: (07) 4191 3100
  • Out of hours: 1800 858 858

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