How we can help

Help is available to you in a number of different ways. We’re able to connect you with financial counsellors to help you navigate your situation and make the best decisions for you and your family. We also have a wealth of information to help you understand the consequences of your situation and the options available to you to help get you through it.

What can we help you with

Financial hardship can affect anyone, at any stage of life and for many reasons. If it has happened to you, remember that you are not alone. The government offers a number of key initiatives to help you get people on track. Support may also be available from from local community groups.

The more information you can share with your financial counsellor, the better their understanding of your situation

When the bills pile up, financial pressure can leave you feeling isolated and stressed. Remember, you’re not alone and there are steps that you can take to help get your situation under control.