Coping with financial difficulty

Financial difficulties affect one in five Australians, and the burden of living with constant financial pressure can quickly become too much to bare. The good news is that by realising your situation, you’ve already taken the first step to correcting it! As you progress and use the tips below, you’ll see that financial freedom is possible and it gets easier with every step! 

What can we help you with

The consequences of failing to pay your debts are far-reaching and may follow you long into the future. Take the first step towards financial freedom and get on top of your bills today.

A debt agreement is when all interested parties agree on an amount to be regularly paid towards a debt. They may also be called a Part IX debt agreement and generally must meet certain criteria.  

A Debt Collection Agency is an organisation that aims to recover outstanding debts. They can work on behalf of a creditor or they can purchase a debt and then try to recover it. 

A budget is one of the most important tools you have to get your finances under control. If you have a budget, and stick to it, you’ll enjoy more control over your money.