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About Your Choice Qld

Thinking about self-management of the resources available to you or your family member? By partnering with Your Choice Qld, you can tailor the way you manage your funding and support to suit you.  This means that you personalise and direct your support the way you want, with the support of your family, carer/s or other support people if required.

What does Your Choice Qld offer?

Your Choice Qld offers people the opportunity to design and deliver their own support services. With Your Choice Qld you can tailor the way you manage your service across three components.

Self-directed planning – planning that is directed by you, is about you and what you want in life.
Self-directed funding – we can act as a financial intermediary and hold your funds so that you can design your supports that are responsive and flexible.
Self-directed support - support that is flexible, tailored to your needs, and delivered in a way that suits you.

How does Your Choice Qld work?

Your Choice Qld works in partnership with you to establish a plan that steps out all aspects of the supports and services that will be delivered, who will manage aspects such as funding, employment, supervision of staff, purchases of equipment and specialised services, administration etc.  

We then work in partnership with you to meet our roles and responsibilities outlined in the plan and regularly review our progress against goals.

A little or a lot

You will determine how much or how little support you want from Your Choice Qld to facilitate you achieving your personal aspirations. The assistance we provide can range from facilitating the full implementation of your plan to coordinating supports or simply financial brokerage.

Regardless of the services you purchase from Your Choice Qld, you can rest assured that we do not have a standardised approach. We talk to you, get to know you and then together we tailor services to what you want or need.  And in the event your circumstances change, we simply re-negotiate based on your current needs and preferences.

Where are we?

Your Choice Qld is a state-wide, Queensland initiative.

It’s Your Choice.

I want to know more

For further information or discuss Your Choice QLD options, please contact the Manager on (07) 3363 2222 or email and request an information pack.


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