Community Energy Efficiency Program

We're switched on to Energy Efficiency!

At UnitingCare Community, one of our focus areas of sustainability is energy efficiency. In 2013, UnitingCare Community was successful in securing funding from the Australian Government's Community Energy Efficiency Program - a competitive merit-based grant program that provides co-funding to implement energy efficiency solutions to reduce energy consumption.

Funding for both UnitingCare Community and Blue Care has delivered energy efficiency retrofits and improvements at 28 properties, 16 of which are UnitingCare Community and Lifeline sites.

We've made some changes

Watch our video for more details about the changes we've made to save energy, money and the environment.

Our Energy Efficiency journey - how small changes led to big savings

Across UnitingCare Community energy audits identified over 1,400 energy saving opportunities. These included replacing lighting with energy saving LED lamps, sensor lighting, upgrading to energy efficient air-conditioners and hot water systems, installing ceiling fans and insulation, and timers on water boilers and chillers. These small changes have added up to annual savings of over $54,000 and reduction in carbon emissions of 152 tonnes.

These 16 UnitingCare Community and Lifeline sites include regional offices, residential care houses, shops and warehouses which are located in regional Queensland including Bundaberg, Fraser Coast, Ipswich, Rockhampton, Tablelands and Gympie.

We want everyone to do their part in reducing their energy uses at work and at home. These energy savings can in turn benefit the clients we support in the community, and help us to raise awareness of the importance and benefits to the business and the world we operate in. It helps us progress our sustainability endeavours.

You too can play a role

Download a copy of Sparky's handy tips for energy savings you can do yourself at home.

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