Include a gift in your Will

Life offers up some huge changes, celebrations and challenges.

Next time you have a significant life event and you find it is time to update your Will, please consider leaving a gift to your favourite charities, including UnitingCare Community.

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How to prepare your Will to include a gift to UnitingCare Community

Three easy steps to preparing or updating a Will

Step 1: Consider how you would like to share your assets.

We can help ensure that your gift will achieve what you want it to – whether it is supporting Lifeline services in Queensland or a specific UnitingCare Community program or service.

Step 2: Seek independent legal advice.

UnitingCare Community strongly recommends that you seek professional legal advice when preparing your Will.

These qualified Will writing professionals are the best people to ensure your Will meets all legal requirements, giving you peace of mind that your assets will be shared as you intend.

Step 3: Let UnitingCare Community know about your legacy.

You can let us know that you have included us in your Will by contacting us on 1800 961 881, or emailing

We appreciate the chance to thank you and recognise you for your future gift, and to invite you to be involved in your area of interest during your lifetime.

If you are considering leaving a gift to UnitingCare Community in your Will, we would be grateful if you could let us know. Please be assured that all discussions with us will be in the strictest confidence.

Ways to help others through your Will

A residual gift

Leaving a residuary gift means donating a percentage of the value of your estate after your loved ones have been cared for.

By leaving a percentage of your estate rather than a set amount, inflation will not reduce its value over time. You can make sure your loved ones are looked after exactly as you wish.

A specific sum or property

Simply nominate a specific dollar amount, or a description of assets you would like to give. It’s advisable to review your Will regularly to ensure the dollar sum that you nominate stands the test of time and inflation.

A percentage

This prevents your beneficiaries from being affected by changes in the size of your estate or inflation.

How to word your Will

If you decide to leave a gift to UnitingCare Community, a clause may be inserted in your Will using the following wording:

‘I (insert your name here) bequeath to UnitingCare Community

(Description of Gift................................) (For the use of........................................)

free of all duties and the receipt of the Secretary or other authorised officer for the time being shall be a complete and sufficient discharge for the executor(s).’

Description of Gift

Insert the type of gift, for example “the residue of my estate, a percentage of my estate (after you look after family members), a specific sum of money, or specific items.

For the use of

Nominate a specific area of UnitingCare Community or nominate

UnitingCare Community if you wish the funds to be designated where most needed.

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Contact Anna Thompson via phone at the main office or email

Please be assured that all discussions with us will be in the strictest confidence.

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